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Background Investigations

CQI conducts background investigations for individuals, companies, corporations and law firms. Unlike most companies that simply rely on a search of public records, CQI goes the extra mile and retrieves documents and conducts interviews when necessary to provide you with a detailed profile that will give you a better understanding of a person’s professional and personal history and help you make fact-based, informed decisions.

Mitigation Investigation

As a Mitigation Specialist, CQI works with the defense team to assist the attorney in presenting their client in the context of their life history and provide a basis for a less punitive sentence. With a background in psychology, Colleen Adams has a thorough understanding of how congenital, emotional, cognitive and environmental factors may impact a defendant’s development and behavior.

Legal Investigations and Services

CQI offers support services to attorneys for current and pending cases. We assist by conducting a comprehensive background investigation, finding and interviewing potential witnesses, and analyzing case law, evidence and discovery material to unearth information that will help win the case.


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Colleen Quinn-Adams:

Individuals faced with delicate personal, corporate, or legal issues deserve an experienced investigator who, through exhaustive research, will gather clear data and help them understand the findings so that they can make informed decisions. My name is Colleen Quinn-Adams, and I am a skilled investigator who is deeply committed to providing superior, individualized and compassionate services to those in need.

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