CQI gathers information from a plethora of sources to complete a thorough, exhaustive background investigation and provides a comprehensive report that helps clients make informed decisions. Most investigators simply conduct internet searches to gather basic information; however, CQI strengthens the investigation and retrieves records related to the evidence, for example court documents and police reports, and presents you with a complete report that includes a copy of each document obtained. If necessary we locate and conduct interviews with those mentioned in the documents.

CQI helps you put together the pieces of the puzzle.

Why conduct a background investigation?

  • Personal Relationships

    • Before entering into a serious relationship, a background check can help identify potential red flags. We check for current and past marital status, aliases, criminal history, and financial risk. Conducting a background investigation is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from scammers, predators, felons, and more.
  • Business Relationships and Partnerships

    • We provide services to corporations, small business owners and partnerships to help business owners make pragmatic decisions.
    • Before entering into a business relationship, a background investigation can identify potential risks and alert you to any financial, personal, or legal issues your potential business partner may have.
    • If you are looking to purchase a business or considering a merger or joint venture, a background investigation can reveal any hidden liabilities, liens or lawsuits.
    • When hiring a contractor or vendor, a background investigation can provide information regarding the history and behaviors of an individual under consideration for assignment.
  • Executive or Board of Directors and Corporate Officers

    • Board of Directors and Corporate Officers are responsible for establishing corporate management related policies, entering into contracts and making decisions on major company issues. Conducting a thorough background check is an important risk management tool that can protect the interests of the organization and minimize liability from problematic candidates.
  • Employee/Employer Relationships

    • When considering a job offer, a background investigation of your potential employer can expose any financial or legal trouble of the company.
    • As an employer, a background investigation can help you make informed business decisions by bringing to light potential employees criminal, financial, and legal issues.
  • Private Sector

    • Know your contractors, nannies/sitters, pet sitters, maid/cleaning help, tutor or anyone else who will have contact with your loved ones.
  • Landlord/ Tenant

    • As a landlord or property owner, you can screen prospective applicants to assess their rental history, previous evictions, and criminal history.
    • As a tenant, you can discover if the residence you are seeking to rent is in foreclose or if your landlord has financial or legal troubles.

Express Investigations

If you don’t have time for an in-depth investigation and only need limited information such as a criminal check, employment verification or financial check, you can use our Express Investigation. CQI can customize a package that suits your specific needs, and you will receive your customized report within 24 hours. This investigation does not obtain records from the various sources.