CQI helps attorneys build a compelling criminal defense case. While attorneys are busy preparing both the case and their client for trial, CQI assists by conducting a comprehensive background investigation, finding and interviewing potential witnesses, and analyzing case law, evidence and discovery material to unearth information that will help win the case. We are skilled at finding and analyzing information, understand relevant statutory and case law and are knowledgeable about the rules for preserving evidence so it is admissible and ready for trial. Services provided to attorneys include:

Background Investigations

CQI provides due diligence investigations on each client. Investigations are conducted on a national level.  While most “background checks” give limited information and use a generic, one size fits all approach, CQI differs in that we don’t stop at letting you know there was an arrest, lien, judgments, bankruptcy, etc. Our investigations dig deeper to obtain documents that support what we have found. If necessary we locate and conduct interviews with those mentioned in the documents.


As a member of the defense team, CQI coordinates a comprehensive investigation into a defendant’s life history to assist in the sentencing phase of a client’s trial. In each case, a thorough biological, social, and psychological investigation is conducted through interviews and extensive records collection. The vast amount of information obtained is then compiled into a cohesive life history report that is written chronologically in narrative form.

Record Retrieval, Organization, and Summary

CQI understands the critical importance of properly organized records that are effortless to navigate. We excel in taking disparate, often complex records through proven high-level e-Sorting and redundant Quality Control. All records and information obtained are summarized in an easy to read spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the original records for immediate access. References to records mentioned within records are also obtained.

Witness Management

CQI locates and maintains continued communications with witnesses. We advise witnesses of court dates and court appearances, provide subpoenas or letters to employers about the witnesses obligation to appear in court, help prep the witness for court (dress/demeanor, what to expect, roles of participants in the courtroom, etc.) and assist with coordinating out-of-state travel and lodging for witnesses.

Expert Suggestions

CQI researches and locates the most highly qualified expert or consultant for your case. CQI contacts various experts to discuss their availability, fee schedule, CV and any other necessary information to help the attorney attain the most suitable expert for their case. After the research is conducted, we provide the attorney with the 3 top candidates in their respective field.

Exhibit Creation

CQI works with the attorney to create exhibits such as such as exhibit boards, timelines, enlargements, info graphs, or decision tree navigation for the case.