CQI offers mitigation and sentencing advocacy for both capital and non-capital cases. The goal of a mitigation specialist is to conduct an exhaustive investigation of the client’s history and to assist the defense attorney in presenting their client in the context of their life history to elicit a less punitive sentence. With a background in psychology, Colleen Adams has a thorough understanding of how social, biological, and environmental factors may impact a defendant’s development and behavior.  With her warm and caring nature, she is able to gather sensitive information from family and friends about the defendant’s life.

In each case, a thorough biological, social, and psychological investigation is conducted through interviews and extensive records collection. The vast amount of information obtained is then compiled into a cohesive life history report that is written chronologically in narrative form. Hyperlinks for instant access to all documents cited are included in the report. The process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Interviews

    Interviews are vital to gathering information regarding the client’s history. CQI identifies and conducts exhaustive interviews with those relevant to the case including family, friends, co-workers, teachers, coaches, doctors, and other individuals who are familiar with the client’s history or early and current development and functioning. Information obtained during interviews include, but is not limited to:

    • Client’s birth and early development
    • Composition of the family unit
    • Family relationships
    • Multi-generational family history
    • Multi-generational patterns of behavior
    • Discipline in the home
    • Parental employment
    • Residential history
    • Intellectual development
    • Medical history
    • Substance abuse history
    • Mental health history
    • Ethnic, racial, cultural and community influences
    • Educational history and experiences
    • Religious practices and beliefs
    • Employment history
    • Military history
    • Criminal history
    • Relationship history
    • Trauma history
      • Divorce of parents
      • Family violence
      • Neighborhood violence
      • Parental incarceration
      • Extreme poverty
      • Physical, sexual, or psychological abuse
      • Maltreatment or neglect
      • Abandonment by parent
      • Accidents
  • Records Retrieval

    CQI understands the critical importance of properly organized records that are easy to use. We excel in taking disparate, often complex records through proven high-level e-Sorting and redundant Quality Control. We’ll collect, digest and summarize all records into an easy to read spreadsheet with hyperlinks for instant access to all documents cited. Records obtained include, but are not limited to:

    • Birth records
    • School records
    • Employment records
    • Social Service records
    • Medical records
    • Mental Health records
    • Substance Abuse Treatment records
    • Military records
    • Juvenile Criminal records
    • Adult Criminal records
  • Genogram/Family Trees

    CQI creates a graphic representation of the client’s family tree that displays detailed data on relationships among individuals.

  • Witness List

    CQI compiles a list of potential migration witnesses which includes contact information, relationship to the client, and a hyperlink to the interview conducted with the witness.

  • Final Mitigation Report

    CQI compiles all information listed above into a unified narrative of the client’s life history.